Honky Tonkitis

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What makes cold beer colder?  How about a true roadhouse style experience?
We've been fighting the heat for 5 weeks now.  Back in the day, when George Jones was playing at Robert's in Nashville, or Buck Owens was cutting his chops on Beer Can Hill in Bakersfield, or Ernest Tubb was kicking it out over the sawdust covered dance halls around San Antonio, the patrons of these establishments routinely found an iron clad, copper coiled, freon filled way to beat the heat.
Ice cold beer.
Well, boy howdy, it's time to cowboy up, my parched, dehydrated friends.
Honky Tonkitis will be playing at Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall this Saturday night.
Note the name - Kochanski's Concertina BEER HALL.  That's critical.
We've played French influenced festivals, country countdown competitions, wine bars, porch parties, church festivals, bowling allies, state fairs, taverns and clubs, but Kochanski's is the only place we've ever played that had the audacity to spell it out precisely the way it is - the way it should be - the way that you need it this weekend -
An honest-to-goodness BEER HALL.  With Ice Cold Beer.  Beer colder than a widow's heart.  Beer colder than a penguin's posterior.  Beer colder than the poles of Neptune.  Beer colder than a Minnesota well digger's lunch bucket in January.
We'll be playing songs about such beverages - quite a few of them, actually. 
You should join us.
1920 South 37th Street, Milwaukee, WI
*Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall is NOT to be confused with a British pub, where the beer is typically warmer than the fish and chips.  Andy Kochanski believes that malt belongs in beer, not vinegar.