Honky Tonkitis

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Honky Tonkitis violin player, Tom Hansen, announced that he will be taking a leave of absence from the group for the winter season to embark on a tour with the legendary hard rock group, Kiss.

“I received a last-minute call from Kiss’ management. They reported to me that Kiss was looking to tour this winter and wanted to add a different artistic element to the group. They’d seen a YouTube clip of me playing with Honky Tonkitis and felt that I would be a good match for their band.”

When asked why he had decided to make the abrupt musical departure with Honky Tonkitis on the verge of touring around the release of their new album, Hansen said, “I'm just looking for an artistic change of pace. I wanted to stretch my musical boundaries and allow my violin skills to be appreciated by a different and larger audience than what I’d been doing in Honky Tonkitis. I feel like Kiss is allowing me to really expand my musical talent.”

Pressed for specifics about his artistic involvement with Kiss, Hansen said, “Things have moved so fast that they haven’t been able to detail too much at this point. But they have done a costume fitting and shown me a couple of models of the violin I’ll be playing. It’s a cross between a Stradivarius and a medieval sword. At one point during the show I’ll be taking a spotlight solo on Calling Dr. Love. At the end of the solo my violin will burst into flames and I will swallow the sword-section of it. Black blood will then gush from my mouth as fireworks shoot out of the Stradivarius section.”

Hansen in his Kiss make-up persona of “Pippi StarDemon.”