Honky Tonkitis

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Tom Hansen, fiddle player for local band Honky Tonkitis made this announcement Thursday:

"I've been living with a secret these past three years that I must now reveal: I'm haunted by the ghost of Kenny Loggins."

When it was reported to Hansen that Kenny Loggins was not dead, he replied, "Of course not. He's all right, no one has to worry about him, because he can never truly die. He haunts me day by day."

Upon further elaboration to Hansen that Kenny Loggins was still alive and touring, Hansen said, "Indeed, he tours the spirit world telling those of us on the physical plane to 'Celebrate Me Home' and 'Cut Loose, Footloose.'"

When shown video of Kenny Loggins performing the previous weekend, Hanson teld reporters, "He's taken a ride into the danger zone, one which allows even his spirit to be recorded on film."

Hansen concluded: "Time, time and again I see Kenny Loggins staring down at me with those angry eyes. It's a heavy burden."