Honky Tonkitis

Here's where you talk to the band


In an effort to boost interest among younger people, Honky Tonkitis hired a team of popular teenage girls to review their honky tonk website. After much research and discussion, these girls concluded that the Honky Tonkitis website is not even funny.

"It's worse than not funny," expert Reagan summarized, "it's like, just...sad. It's pathetic."

"I looked at and I didn't even laugh," Kennedy, another expert, added.

"Even my grandparents wouldn't think it was funny, and they laugh at anything. Mostly cos' they feel sorry for you," teen expert Madison concluded.

"Madison's right," BFF Harrison replies, "I'd feel sorry if I met this band. Actally, no, I'd just hand them a razor blade and show them where the bathroom is."

"I've vomited better lunches than these guys write." McKinley added, "In fact, I just did." 

"C'mon, girls," concluded Bush, the leader of the popular girls group, "It's obvious they're fat. They're a bunch of fat fatties who nobody'll ever love. Let them take their fat website with them to fatcamp where they can eat and be fat and alone. Forever."

Members of Honky Tonkitis only comment was to say they would not be leaving their rooms for the next seventy million years or till they, like, die.