Honky Tonkitis

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Lotsa news!

First, we tried to add a video to our homepage and discovered that people visiting thought it was our daily entry, so they got peeved that we weren't updating our daily entry and gave up! Guys, all you had to do was scroll down a little more to see our daily entries never stopped! Or maybe you're all just sick of us. Anywho, we moved our vid off the homepage and into our bio. Now the newbies who want to see a vid of the band in a regular place can try to go discover it there. Thanks, guys!


Second, we're saying goodbye in December to our guitarist, Chris Conrad. He's been with us since we started this band. Chris plans on spending more of his time on his love of midget car racing (they're midget cars--Chris isn't betting on little people in races), which we all find extremely hilarious for a guy who's six-and-a-half feet tall. But anybody who's seen Chris' garage or read his articles (check out our links page) about midget car racing knows he's got a deep passion for it. He wants to spend more of his time building and racing. I guess honky tonk takes a back seat...as if one existed in those cars! Anyway, we love Chris and he will be sorely missed.


Third, Chris will be making his final appearance with the band at our December 14th show at Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall. Come on down that night and buy him a drink. Let's get him plowed. Then we'll pour him in one of our cars and give him a ride home. The next afternoon we won't tell him what happened to his guitars!


Fourth, no one else is leaving the band, no matter how much they beg and complain. But we are taking on Bruce Dean on the guitar. Some of you may have seen Bruce play with us from time to time, either on accordion, mandolin, or guitar. He's been on all of our albums on one instrument or another, so he was a natural choice when we knew we needed a new guitarist. We're glad he said yes. We plan to torture him for as long as we can. He'll also be adding backing vocals to the band...something we've never had before. Goodbye, Statler box!