Honky Tonkitis

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Here's what can happen when you request a song we don't know at one of our shows:

Go over to our Jukebox page and scroll to the bottom to find the song sample.

It's hard to hear, but after Johnny M. loudly announces we're going to do our "big hit," some guy shouts back, "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights?", which leads to us torturing the crowd with our version of a song we don't know.

If not, In other news:


Our Saturday, Oct. 13th show at Kochanski's is canceled. Our bud, Andy, had a liquor license mix-up. He won't be able to re-open the Concertina Beer Hall until sometime in late October. Personally, we think he's lying, that he really just hates us, and he's willing to keep his bar closed for three weeks just to spite us. We'll be there again in November, whether he likes it or not!

We're also playing a show on Saturday, Oct. 27th, but it's a private party, so you're not invited! Instead, take one of our CD's to a bar of your choosing and make them play it loud while you drink. Soon, you'll look like the guy above.

And in even more news:

The band is working up some new tunes with the following titles:

Steal a Beer

I Must Be a Clown

Mesera Mesera Una Cerveza Mas

We're also working on the aforementioned Wasted Days and Wasted Nights, because that is a truly cool song that we'd like to play in the future without destroying. Other covers we're working on are George Jones' take of Johnny Horton's I'm A One-Woman Man and Merle Haggard's Drink Up and Be Somebody. But we make no promises. It wouldn't be the first time we tried to get a tune off the ground and it's crashed and burned.

And in even more news than you can handle:

We discovered a set that we filmed (videotaped?) from about a half a year ago that we had forgotten about (or tried to hide from our consciousness). We'll break it into single tunes and throw it up on YouTube with tie-ins here at the site. Nothing exciting. It's only one camera, so it's about as exciting as watching paint dry. Plus, you can't see Tommy on fiddle at all because we couldn't get a wide enough view. We'll post the video with a pic of Tom next to it so that you get the idea. Look for that some time next week.

Keep checking back daily. We're always posting something new.