Honky Tonkitis

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As we told you last week, we have a full set of video from a show we played back in March, and we're getting around to throwing some of the tunes from it out onto YouTube. We call it "Bartender cam," because basically we found a small spot behind the bar where the camera wouldn't be in anyone's way. Unfortunately, we couldn't fit Tommy into the lens view. He's just off to the left. Sometimes you'll see his fiddle headstock or part of his hand. You can see that when we play the front stage at Kochanski's that we're ram-a-jammed into that spot at the front part of the bar. John and Don can't even fit on the stage, Kurt's pushed into a corner, and Don has to move anytime someone wants to walk in or out of the bar. Still, it's a lot easier for us to order and pick up drinks, and since it's next to the bar, the serious drinkers are right there in our face, drinking.

So here we are, playing an old tune Lefty Frizzell made popular. Most of you will recognize it as a song Johnny Winter made famous, but Lefty did it first.