Honky Tonkitis

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Monday afternoon, Johnny Maplewood, lead singer and band leader of the group, Honky Tonkitis, announced that the band would be moving in a new direction, starting immediately.

“We’ve already put out three albums’ worth of honky tonk music over the course of four years. They’ve been productive years and we’ve been pleased with our success, but it’s time for a change.”

Maplewood said that initially the rest of the group was resistant to the change, but that they were coming around to his way of thinking.

“Look, part of being a band leader is knowing when you’ve got to move the band in a new direction. That’s why I’m the leader of the band, y’know? You’ve got to view the changes coming on the landscape and shoot for the new vision that you know will have a lasting impact on the music of America. This isn’t something I envision for the next five years. This is an entire genre change that I see impacting our music for a generation.”

"I've just got a really good feeling about this New Romantic music. I see it sticking around for quite awhile. And with us changing the name of the band to Adam Berlin and the Culture Duran, I see us leading the cutting edge of this genre."

"Really," Maplewood concluded, "have I been wrong yet?


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