Honky Tonkitis

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Local songwriter Johnny Maplewood, lead singer for the group Honky Tonkitis, announced plans to write another song about beer.

"It ought to be really catchy, and, y'know, people will like it because it's about beer, or drinking beer, or thinking about drinking beer."

Known for such tunes as Pabst in the Can and Schlitz in the Bottle, Kiss My HeinekenPBR My ASS, and I Am the Ghost of Miller Lite, Maplewood says he's not sure what the new song will be called yet.

"It'll definitely be about beer, I'm just not sure which one yet. I'd like to do one about Leinenkugel's, but I'm having a hard time with the rhymes for it. I mean, 'frugal,' and 'Google," and that's about it."

Maplewood is still contemplating a future that would move his songwriting in another direction.

"I'd like to expand my choice of subjects. I'm thinkin of moving over to writing songs about something like alcoholic candies. Rum balls might be nice. Maybe whiskey truffles," Maplewood mused.