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The issue of the skyrocketing National Debt came into focus Thursday when members of local band, Hanky Tonkitis, made the grand promise of paying off the National Debt.

"It's something we're committed to," singer Johnny Maplewood announced, " But it comes with a quid pro quo: we expect five thousand Facebook 'likes' before we'll pay it off."

When Maplewood was told that currently the National Debt stands at more than thirteen trillion dollars, something that was virtually impossible to be paid off in any number of lifetimes, Maplewood responded, "Yeah, but have you tried getting five thousands 'likes' on Facebook? Now THAT'S challenging."

"I'm thinking we just all have to dig in on this thing. Maybe if each person who reads this goes out and 'likes' Honky Tonkitis once or twice a day and tells all their friends to do the same, we'll have this five thousand 'likes' thing licked in a couple years. Then the band can get down to the business of paying off the National Debt. C'mon, it can't be that hard."

When asked how the band expected to raise the more than thirteen trillion dollars, guitarist Bruce Dean quipped, "Well, we were planning on having a two-for-one special sale on our CD's, and Don, our accordion player, was planning on getting a job at night stacking shelves at the supermarket. We're also planning a car wash once the weather's warmer and maybe doing a benefit concert."

After reiterating to the group that paying off the national debt would today cost more than $52,000 per American citizen, drummer Kurt Weber replied, "You people just don't get it, do you? We're talking FIVE THOUSAND LIKES ON FACEBOOK. That's like, one Like for five thousand American citizens. Let's try to climb that mountain first, okay?"


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