Honky Tonkitis

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Thanks to all of you great people who came out to see Conrad's last show with us last Friday night! We'd also say Bruce Dean's first show with us, but he's performed with us any number of times before, including on lead guitar last summer. 

It was a blast having Conrad play that show. He was in top form on guitar. Chris will definitely be missed. And he was selling shots from a bottle of Rye we bought him with the proceeds going to the Milwaukee Humane Society. They'll use the money to teach the dogs how to play poker.

We recorded Friday night's show and have gotten a chance to mix it since then. We may put a few of the tunes up on honkytonitis.net in the next couple days. A few new tunes made it into the show, including Hank Williams' "Ramblin' Man," Hank Thompson's "Six Pack to Go" and a godawful verse and chorus of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" before we jumped into "I Wanna Marry a Bartender." We had quite a singalong from the crowd on that last one. It must have sounded good if you were drinking!

Tentatively, our next show is January 25th. We'll let you know in the coming weeks if that's a go for sure.

Yay. Now we get to do another photo session. And what're we gonna do with all those posters we still have?