Honky Tonkitis

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Local group Honky Tonkitis announced Monday that they are to appear on the upcoming Downton Abbey soundtrack.

"We're pleased and honored to have one of our songs representing the music of such an esteemed and popular BBC television show," the statement read, "We can only hope that new listeners come to enjoy and associate our music with this wonderful broadcast."

When asked what he thought of the show, accordion player Don Turner said, "I haven't been able to watch anything since I kicked in my television after that last Packer game. I'm assuming it's something about Abbey Road in downtown England. Are the Beatles in it?"

"I haven't actually written the song yet," singer Johnny Maplewood commented. "They've been screaming at me about the deadline. I'll probably just pull something out of my butt by tonight. Whatever. We're so thrilled."

The tentative title for the song to be featured on the soundtrack is I Puked My Port Into A Chamber Pot.