Honky Tonkitis

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Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Johnny Maplewood of the band Honky Tonkitis, announced that he will be checking into a local hospital for serious surgery early next week.

"I have a brain condition that's been worsening over the last year or so, and after multiple referrals and examinations, I've finally found a doctor who believes he can operate," Maplewood said.

In this case, Maplewood is pursuing the exploratory surgery in an effort to have the John Denver song, "Country Roads," removed from his head.

"It's been there for years and years now, slowly but inexorably eroding areas of my brain. It's a cancer really. I can't even hear of the state West Virginia without immediately thinking, 'Mountain Mama.'"

Maplewood said that his surgeon promises a quick recovery. "He only thinks it'll take me about a week to recover before they can take me home, country roads."