Honky Tonkitis

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This show is today. If you want to see Honky Tonkitis for FREE outside in a venue that is all ages and yet serves beer, this is it. 

Honky Tonkitis will perform at 3pm.

Saturday, September 8th: Cathedral Square Park - 4th Annual WMSE Backyard BBQ, 3pm - 11pmWMSE Backyard BBQ

Other than the BBQ simply being one of the best times you'll have all year due to tasty food, tastier music and a swarm of like-minded music lovers with whom you can enjoy said tastiness, this year's BBQ also doubles as the 2012 Milwaukee Film Festival Official Program Book Launch. If you follow us on Twitter you know that we're, like, BFFs with @mkefilm, so naturally we are extremely excited to have them as a central part of this year's Backyard BBQ.