Honky Tonkitis

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Local honky tonk musical group, Honky Tonkitis, announced today that it had added its newest member, performing on both their upcoming CD of new material, as well as in all upcoming live shows.

"Flavor Flav has officially joined the group," lead singer Johnny Maplewood announced Thursday at a formal press conference.

Flavor Flav, formerly of the rap group Public Enemy and  the star of several VH1 reality series, including The Surreal Life, Strange Love, and Flavor of Lovehad this to say about becoming the newest member of Honky Tonkitis:

"I'm fakin no moves and fakin no jax, Flavor Flav is back on the dome relax, I push all the buttons around this bitch, I'ma go get money from Bill Gates, get rich."

Maplewood suggested that Flav's rich background in TV, as a solo recording artist, and as a member of Public Enemy, popularizing the role of the hype man, would add a key new ingredient to both the live and recorded sound of the group.

"He's already practiced with us once and it went really, really well. He added pizzle to our fo' shizzle, and we were able to get out of practice right on time, thanks to that large clock he wore around his neck."

When asked what he plans to bring creatively to the band, Flav replied, "Um in position, you can't play me out da pocket, I'll take da dopest beat you got and I'll rock-it, Like chocolate, even vanilla - chocolate, strawberry, sasperella, Flavors are electric - try me - get a shock-a, Didn't I tell you to leave Flavor Flav alone knock-a?"

Maplewood added that Flav was also an accomplished mandolin player.