Honky Tonkitis

Here's where you talk to the band


At an official Honky Tonkitis press conference today, guitarist Chris Conrad made the following stunning announcement:

"Although most of you know me as Chris Conrad, I have been, in fact, living a lie for the past three years as a member of Honky Tonkitis. This is not my true name, nor my true identity."


With that, Conrad stepped in front of the podium and pulled away his mask to reveal his true identity:


"Dude! I've been playing in a band with Buckethead the past three years?" singer Johnny Maplewood exclaimed, "How freaking cool is that!"

Members of the group were not able to respond as to whether this meant that Conrad/Buckethead was now leaving the band.

"I've appreciated Mr. Head's playing style during his time with the band," fiddle player Tom Hansen commented, "I'm hoping he keeps playing with us, although that mask really creeps me out."

Buckethead refused to answer any more questions about his revelation, but took five minutes to perform an incredibly complex solo guitar arrangement that left members of the press and band waving lighters and screaming for more.