Honky Tonkitis

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OK, the good news today is that the music for the new album has now been sent off to the CD manufacturing plant. Here's the list of songs in their order:

1-Pabst in the Can and Schlitz in the Bottle

2-I Wanna Marry A Bartender

3-Snap-On Fool

4-What Would George Jones Do?

5-Alimony Is A Four Letter Word

6-Tavern of Love

7-I'm Ready to Drink

8-Johnny Cash Would Kick Your Ass

9-It Only Hurt A Little

10-I Only Drink to Fall Down

11-I'm Gonna Drink Milwaukee Dry

12-Congratulations, You're A Loser

13-Down And Drunk

14-Why Don't You Understand Me?

15-Most of My Friends Are Behind Bars

16-Kiss My Heineken

17-Praying in the House of Hank

We should have the CD ready for release some time in June. Wish we could say when, but that's up to the CD manufacturing plant and the mailman.