Honky Tonkitis

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We got a great review and synopsis of the band from Steve at the Australian company, Yesterday and Today Records, and we wanted to share it with you:

Three albums by what may be the definitive honky tonk group in the very big sub-category of “drinking songs”. And they are great at what they do. They remind a little of the Cornell Hurd Group and in Yesterday & Today speak that means about as good as you can get. All feature classic album covers, which will leave no one guessing as far as content is concerned.  Like the Cornell Hurd Band there is plenty of humour. Not the dopey Nashville embarrassing “you think my tractor’s sexy” cringe thing but the good natured banter that we all love.

They may not be Australian but their humour will appeal. They are not shy in including country royalty in their songs, for example “What Would George Jones Do”, “Praying in the House of Hank” and Johnny Cash Would Kick Your Ass” are from “Alcohol & Heartbreak. They are also able to use the witty play on words to great effect, eg “Shotgun Divorce” & “Alimony Is a Four Letter Word”....And for Quakers Hill Red Pete be known they are great value with heaps of tracks...17, 15 & 16 respectively. They have some great instrumental subtlety too & kudos must go to accordion player Don Turner.