Honky Tonkitis

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Local accordion player Don Turner was fired by his employer Tuesday when he refused to turn over has MySpace ID and password to the company.

"MySpace? Does that site even EXIST anymore?" Turner commented.

"I think I had one of those when I was in high school." Drummer Kurt Weber added, "I put a picture of Neil Peart on it. A lot of my friends liked it. I mean, not clicking on it to 'like' it. You couldn't do that on MySpace. They just would see me at school and tell me they liked it."

Singer Johnny Maplewood had a different view altogether.

"Hey, look, what Don's putting on his MySpace page is important for an employer to know about. They need to know that he's not discussing secret info or citicizing his own company. I mean, how do I know he's not dissing my singing skills on his page or making bass player jokes behind my back there? Let me tell you, it would explain a lot of the laughing that goes on at our shows when I play a bass solo. Turner, you get me that MySpace password by Friday or you're outta the band!"