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Local honky tonk drummer Kurt Weber announced Friday that international rock band U2 had contacted him about posing for another album cover.

"It's been years since I posed for the covers of their albums, Boy and War, but U2 has let me know that they're interested in putting me on the cover of another album," Weber said.

U2-Boy U2-War

Weber wasn't sure why U2 had waited so long to contact him.

"I guess the timing was just right. I was very young when I posed for those album covers. I didn't have much muscle development. But I think they'd be happily surprised to see how much my biceps and quads have developed. It would definitely make for an interesting album cover. I think many women would be buying this upcoming album."

Weber's current band mates were supportive.

"Whatever that washed-up Irish band wants to do with Kurt is fine with us," singer Johnny Maplewood commented. "Just so long as we don't have to hear any more of his, 'well, that's not the way U2 would do it' comments or, 'I remember when U2 was taking my picture for the second time,' crap. I'm ready to slap him across the face and say, 'here's your War, Weber,' if I hear any more of that."

Weber conjectured what the album title would be.

"Most likely it's something like Man or Peace or something like that. Y'know, some one-syllable word that reflects both the music inside as well as my image on the cover. Personally, using me for the cover, I think the best title choice would be Stud."

Weber said the band had not yet detailed what the cover image would look like.

"They haven't told me whether it would be a continuation of the same shirtless pose from the previous albums or something new," Weber explained. "Hey, topless, bottomless, I'm ready for it all. I've been practicing a pose in my living room where I'm nude standing on my head. You wanna see it?" Weber asks, unbuttoning his pants.


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