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If you're Facebook friends with the band, you know that the band started recording our next album this past weekend. We ended up recording bed tracks for a dozen tunes. Things ran great. It still requires us to go in for one more session, since we usually record around twenty songs per album and then whittle it down a bit from there. We'll keep you up to date on our progress. At this point, we don't like to estimate when it'll be completed since the lion's share of the work is still in front of us. If we find something interesting to report or can provide you with a snippet of some of the tunes, we'll post them here.

Or, if you'd like to hear the tunes in their entirety, just stop by our shows! We've been road testing all of the newest album's songs at our shows.

If you ever want to find a lot of great honky tonk on YouTube without having to search too heard, go search on Tommy Honkytonky. He'll point you in the direction of some great honky tonk, classic country, and new country that doesn't suck. Here's just one example. The best stuff are all the one-hit wonders he's posted who have awesome tunes you've never heard.


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