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Larry Gääärd, the fiddle player for local band Honky Tonkitis, has something to smile about.

"My solo release is finally out," he says with a grin.

Although he plays in a band that's released three albums over four years and is currently working on its fourth release this year, Gääärd is excited to have his own album of material hitting stores.

"I've always been extremely proud of Honky Tonkitis, but I've also wanted to get a chance to put out my own, personal artistic point of view, y'know? This has been my labor of love."

Gääärd's album, titled, God, Someone Fucking Kill Me Right Now, is in stores Tuesday.

"I've put a lot of sweat and labor and love into making this record," Gääärd explains, smiling.

The twelve track album is Gääärd's own take on the world of life, love, and happiness, containing such songs as Why Can't I Die, End It Now 'Cos I'm in Pain, and Give Me the Strength to End This Stupid Fucking Life.

"I really think the album's opening track, Take a Ball Peen Hammer to My Fucking Head, is a really good one, and not just because Larry let me play bass on it," Honky Tonkitis' lead singer, Johnny Maplewood, explains. "It's really a good summation of the overall theme of the album, and I know Larry poured his heart and soul into it, along with the other tracks on this album. Plus, it's just such a catchy song. I find myself singing it in the shower."

"It's really an insightful view into Larry's lighter side," accordionist Don Turner adds. "I know this album was hard work for him, but while he was recording it, he was always telling us how much fun it was for him. I mean, you can just hear him smiling while he sings the chorus of I'll Think of Kittens When That Bullet Explodes in My Brain."

"I was overjoyed when Larry chose me to produce this album," drummer Kurt Weber elaborates. "He brought so much positive energy to the project that the songs seemed to produce themselves. He's a tireless worker, but we were always laughing. Even now, I can remember the fun we had recording tracks like, My Life is Worthless Shit So Kill Me. You wish that could always happen in the studio. He's an inspiration."

"I'm really hoping--and I know that Larry's hoping--that the album will take off. It would be great to be to see a live band tour around songs like these," guitarist Bruce Dean elaborates. "The positive energy I feel when the band hits the chorus of I Hope I Can Kill Myself is just fantastic. I find myself smiling every time I hear it." 

"I'll just be happy when my parents get to hear it," Gääärd concludes. "They'll be able to smile when they realize that my life's dream of getting my music to the world has been accomplished as the notes of the concluding song, Cut Off My Balls and Jam Them Down My Throat fade out."

Larry Gääärd: Solo inspiration?

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