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At long last! A picture of Larry Gääärd has been taken!

As a result of local band Honky Tonkitis' performance at Symco Shakedown, a picture has finally been snapped of the long-hidden fiddle player, Larry Gääärd.

"It's right up there with trying to snap a pic of the yellow-bellied titmouse," photographer iamnotjerry said, "but I've done it!"

Gääärd himself had other ideas.

"Yeah, that's not really me," he responded, "that was some guy who jumped on the stage, grabbed my fiddle away from me and knocked me down."

Other band members were not so sure.

"Honestly, I've never looked directly at Gääärd," singer Johnny Maplewood remarked, "It's like looking into the face of madness. And I don't want to mess myself."

"I'm pretty sure Larry's invisible," drummer Kurt Weber interjected, "or he's always being blocked from my view by Bruce."

"More importantly," guitarist Bruce Dean concluded, "When did Maplewood get replaced by a young George Jones?"

Honky Tonkitis at Symco

Picture may include Larry Gääärd.

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