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As members of an internet product called Radio Airplay, Honky Tonkitis gets to have selected songs of ours' streamed for free to internet music listeners. Kinda like Pandora, except we get paid nothing. Which is almost like Pandora, where we get paid next to nothing. (Boohoo!)

Anyway, as members of Radio Airplay, we define our style of music and can even recommend the types of music we should be mixed with. So you figure, "hey, let's mix Honky Tonkitis in with songs from artists like Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, etc." Which is what happens.

But every now and then they mix us in with much more current artists.

Which leads to our great mirth when we've discovered that they've mixed our song, Johnny Cash Would Kick Your Ass onto playlists for people who like Kenny Chesney. 

Do you think anyone listening to the Kenny Chesney station ever picks up on the irony? 

Yeah, we didn't either.

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