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Fiddle player Larry Gääärd of local band Honky Tonkitis, announced Thursday that he believes the time is right for the band.

"Things are really coming together for us," Gääärd summarized. "Since joining the group in May, I've been really excited with the way things have moved. The music is really good, the performances get better and better, and the musical interplay between members has just really progressed to a whole new level. That's why, as of today, I'm leaving the band."

Gääärd elaborated on his plans.

"I've never had such an awesome time playing with other musicians. The mood in the band is great, we're laughing all the time, we've really become best buddies. Yep, I quit."

Gääärd tried to explain his reasons.

"When you've got this quality of musicianship, you have to nurture it and keep pushing the envelope. I think we're doing that right now. We've also had a greatly increased interest in booking the band into larger venues, the crowds are way up, a couple of labels have been inquiring about having us sign long-term contracts for some really good money. It's definitely time that i quit."

Gääärd was not optimistic about his future outside the band.

"All of my past projects kind of went nowhere. I've been thinking about forming a jazz ballet company. I've wanted to do a Yoko Ono tribute band. I've been working on tunes for Sharknado: The Musical. Most of my plans just turn to crap. But yeah, I'm leaving."

Drummer Kurt Weber provided a brief response to Gääärd's impending departure.

"Gääärd's been a dream to work with. The guy is respected by every member of the band. He's shown us things about ourselves and the music we've never seen before. With him in the band, we've risen to levels we never thought we'd achieve. We've been so happy having him. The band's been so harmonious since he joined. We're glad he's leaving."

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A happy band.

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