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Fiddle player Larry Gärd of local honky tonk band Honky Tonkitis says he sees lots of promise in the band's newest recording.

"It's sounding really good," Gärd commented.

"I know I've been here the least amount of time," Gärd explained. "The band only picked me up a couple weeks ago, but they played me their recordings for the next album and I thought it was quality stuff."

Gärd mapped out his reasoning behind the comments based on his own history.

"I've put out a number of albums myself, so I'm no spring chicken," Gärd laughed. "The band played me all of their new tracks and gave me the opportunity to record on a couple songs already. Some of the material has promise."

Gärd elaborated on his critique.

"I've got high standards. When you sell your own music to the public, you begin to set new plateaus and new expectations in terms of quality. I won't lie to you: the band could be doing better with the recording of some of the songs so far, but I feel like I can provide the input necessary to hammer out these tunes, repair some of the weak spots, and eventually put out a product that's going to knock people's socks off. I'm willing to dedicate the time and my considerable experience into make this their best album ever."

Gärd reflected on his own past material.

"I've put out some quality stuff myself. Let's see, there was, It's Pronounced SHAR-day: Larry Gärd's Vocal Tribute to the Music of Sade. That was a good one. Then there was AAAAARGH! Larry Gärd Fiddles with the Music of Professional Wrestling. I sold a number of those albums. And then my last album, Jesus and Satan Fight for Possession of Larry Gärd's Violin. Yeah, that was my best known one, because it featured ten different versions of the song, Devil Went Down to Georgia. Charlie Daniels sued me over that one. So I think I know about music quality."

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