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A few housecleaning notices today:

We'll be playing the Xaverian Mission Festival a week from Saturday in Franklin, 3:30-6:30 pm. Free to attend, for the entire family, Honky Tonkitis in attendance. A chance to see what a real live honky tonk band sounds like in a non-threatening atmosphere. The band will be providing free Larry Gääärd rides for the kids.

2013 Xaverian Mission Festival poster

In other news, we've started to split out the Bar Talk archives on this website into months. This helps relieve you website users the grief of waiting around an entire day for our years of posts to load. Unfortunately, breaking these posts into a monthly format is incredibly laborious and time-consuming for us, so we have to do it slowly, a few posts per day. Appreciate us for once, will you? We'll get there.

We'll be performing this Saturday, but you're not invited. Yes, Honky Tonkitis indeed plays wedding reception events, and we'll be playing at one of the best: the wedding of our former bass player, Jason, to Andrea. Although we can't tell you where, much Pabst beer will be consumed, former members will be in attendance, and a few members of the band may even cry.

Jason Ploetz

Jason Ploetz

Lastly, we'll begin recording our next album at the end of the Summer, with plans to release it before Christmas. Please do your best to come up with an inspired title for us so that we don't have to tear out our hair coming up with something that's funny at first but becomes weak and annoying after repeated readings.

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